By Vlad Bulgakov, Crimea, Ukraine

Translated by Lyubov Podlipskaya, New York, USA









December 30, 2001













  All existence of Space is organized on the principle of constant ceaseless energy informational exchange between all its segments (aspects). Practically, this process is aspect exchange. Monad of each intellectual object in the Universe consists of 144000 aspects (sub aspects, para aspects and super aspects); we will consider it later. These main aspects are subdivided on 7 subclasses, and they, in turn, on huge quantity of the other hierarchic groups of sub aspects. Exact quantity of Monad aspects is known, may be, only to the God.


A man consists of energy information and a substance of different density (i.e. different frequency of vibrations). Have you ever thought over what is tiny indivisible particle of his energy informational field (i.e. aggregate of his subtle substance bodies)?


These particles are but the aspects. Aspects are dodecahedrical (12 facets) in their structure. Microcosm is identical to macrocosm: time, space, reality, dimension of our Universe is organized on the principle of dodecahedron. In other words, a man is rank-order collection of aspects of different Logoses of Space (different space objects of the Unified Creator).


In the process of his existence a man constantly interacts with Space; perpetual exchange (return and getting) of energy and information, i.e. space aspects, takes place. How does it happen? If you, for example, are thinking about anybody, you give this person (situation, animal, thing and so on) your mental energy. But, if to express more accurately, you give him your mental aspects in the form of mental energy. If you experience emotional state in respect to anybody you give your astral (emotional) aspects.


Any moment of our existence all of us give a part of ourselves, and at the same time we get the same portion of energy of the others. When you eat you get aspects of animal or plant together with the aspects of people, taking part in processing, cooking, delivery and so on of this food.


Any moment of your and our life is filled of aspect exchange combinations and union. You respond to the aspects of remote stars and planets when you are looking at or thinking about them, and also to the aspects of animal, mineral or plant realms of Nature when communicate with them by one or the other way.


When you pour on a flower or caress a cat you give them a part of you in a form of your aspects; and they, in turn, give you a part of them. Believe me, it is equal exchange. You give them what you have much and what they do not have. Information is transmitted together with the aspects; this information mutually enriches your experience. Really, to understand better a person from the other country it is necessary to integrate in yourself a part of his aspects, for example, through food or culture.


All of us are the winners with this aspects exchange because an exchange of evolutionary experience takes place. Have you never thought over that by the eyes of minerals, flowers, animals, stars and the galaxies the God is looking at you? Or that holding a stone in your hands you leave in it your aspect, particle of you (and it in you), that later will make a great travel to the different worlds? If you met any person only one time in your life, even if you silently passed by each other, you forever left in each other your aspects. In everything you contact with mentally, emotionally or physically you leave a part of you, and they in you!


Just in it is the sense of the ancient aphorism of Agaphon: A part of everything is in all. Looking at the stars you transmit to them your aspects and aspectuses, and they transmit their aspects to you. As star aspects are more highly developed than a mans aspects, spiritual growth of a man is accelerating. In connection with this we recommend you to be familiar with celestology.












Primarily each mans thought was transmitted directly to the Center of the Galaxy through Seven Maternal Star Logoses of the Earth. But as much as people became to be stuck in sins and vices their thoughts became to cause more and more harm to Space. After that in the Meeting of the Galaxy Hierarchy of Light a decision was made to quarantine the Earth.  Electro magnetic protective field was organized around the Earth that does not let the thoughts and emotions of humanity out. This torsion barricade was organized in such a way to respond on frequency of vibrations of the thought or emotion of a man. If a thought or emotion was evil, i.e. had lower frequency, the system      returned it in the Earth Logos, if it had high spirituality, i.e. had high frequency, it overcame frequency threshold and achieved the Divine Spheres.


In result of preferred reflection and return of lower frequency thought-forms of humanity there was organized mentally hothouse effect a state of mental stink, in which the Earth is now. Torsion quarantine is the forced measure to protect Space. Otherwise, the Earth should be destroyed.


Concept of mental thought exchange between people is organized on the principle of cellular connection. Even if two people are near each other and think about each other their thoughts first send in the Earth Crystal and later through cascade of portals of the Central Spiritual Suns to the Creator. The thought is registered in the Center of the Galaxy (i.e. leaves the information about itself) and returned to whom it is addressed. All this occurs immediately. Similar way mobile cellular connection is organized: even if the subscribers are close to each other a signal first goes to the central station.


This scheme was working until the time that was known as the Fall in result of which described frequency cordon barrier was established. In the scheme working now lower frequency thought-forms are reflected from the protective field barricade and sent in the Earth Crystal. In the Crystal thought-form information are scanning and writing in Personal Logoistic Matrix (PLM) of a man (that is so negative Karma creates!!!).


Not passed by the cordon thought-forms are accumulated in the Earth Crystal, part of them is burning by the Sun. If the Sun did not do it, humanity would have been self-destroyed long ago in a stink swamp of its evil. In the Crystal a thought-form is separated into mental neutral energy and information. Information (primarily scanned by the Crystal) is capsulated and sent through the system of portals Spiritual Suns to the Center of the Galaxy. Protection capsulation is necessary that human beautiful thinking will not poison all Space. Sending of such capsules is performed at the moments of the full moons (the first Portal of admission is the Moon), and also in the days of solstices and equinoxes.


Intermediate retransmitting station is in the North Star Logos. There is also the Earth Karmic Matrix there. Informational program of the Earth evolution is in the Earth Karmic Crystal (Matrix) in Star. From there is performed informational transmission of this program on our planet. The main part of the Earth Reality is formed just in the Core of Star Logos of the North Star.


On the Earth a receiving of info waves of Reality (a program of the planet development) is doing through a net of Portals of Reality, one of which is in Crimea in the region  Meganom cape.


In connection with forthcoming Quantum Leap the Higher Forces together with the Earth Team made teleportation of the Earth Karmic Matrix to the North Star of the New World of the Sixth Race alpha Lyra Vega. This action initiated global purification of the Earth and humanity. To the moment of coming of New Age active Karma of humanity should be equal to zero.


Operation of karmo crystallic transportation was made in 2001-2002.

















April 28, 2001




Monad a seed of Spirit manifests itself in the Universe in result of detachment by the Prime Logos a part of Itself. This substantial part later is impregnated by the energy of contra aspect of one of the Luminaries (Star Logoses).


The process of birth of Monad is based on the Principle of Divisibility of Spirit. In the earth analogy it may be compared with lightning out of any quantity of candles from one initial candle.


The Earth is a colony of Monads of Seven Star Logoses; among them there are Logoses of Sirius, Pleiades, Procyon, Big Dipper and Orion.


You have already known from what aspects Monad consists of. At its birth part of aspects is dissipated in the maternal Universe, a reserve (insurance) part is kept in the Creators Bosom. It is almost like to the earth banking system: a part of reserved fund is kept on correspondent account of a central bank.


After the birth the Creator establishes so - called point of assembling (or a point of manifestation) of a Monad a conductor in which there are most of all aspects of the same type of given Monad.


All starts from atom, in which there is only one aspect of Monad. Soon second aspect joins with it; in result of this process a point of assembling is appeared. Thus, point of assembling or manifestation of Monad is considered to be a conductor, in which there are most of all aspects of Monad.


After forming of a point of manifestation a conductor is passing in series evolutionary development in mineral, plant, animal realms of the different planetary schemes, collecting its aspects and joining with them. Evolutionary level of monad development is determined by quantity of collected Aspects by Monad.


All Monad aspects, except reserved Divine Monads, are disseminated in all hierarchic realms (from atom to the Galaxy). TASK OF MONAD IS TO COLLECT AND INTEGRATE ALL ITS ASPECTS. This is also the purpose and essence of evolution of Intellect.

Monad may use already collected aspects for acceleration of accumulation of experience using the Law of Space Aspects Exchange. Imagine that on the sinful Earth you managed to save any amount of sinful money. You may put this amount in a bank and in some time to get it with interest. The same occurs due to the Law of Aspects Exchange; Monad invests part of already collected aspects in the entities of the other worlds conductors. If these investments are put into lower worlds these aspects have already had the experience of existence in them; that is why they serve as catalysts of their evolution. Monad gets its space dividends.  


The other part of the aspects is invested by Monad into the worlds that in their development are equal to its point of manifestation, the third group into the worlds of higher order.


Permanent energy informational exchange between the aspects occurs through the central control point Higher self. This process is beyond the Earth three-dimensional consciousness. However, Divine Man of the Sixth Race with opened 6 and later 12 strands of DNA will be able consciously to control and govern over all his aspects IN ALL WORLDS, infinitely assisting evolution of all Space.










April 10, 2001





Monad consists of 144000 aspects manifested in direct evolutionary universe and the same quantity of anti aspects manifested in reverse involutionary universe.   Monad has Alpha and Omega groups of aspects.


When it is necessary on the Earth to create a definite situation for work-off of interpersonal karma of people, the Lords of Karma transmigrate definite monad aspects of a man in the other monad bearers, i.e. in the other people, with whom it is necessary to work-off something. In other words, if for work-off of karmic debts between person A and person B it is necessary to create a situation of enmity, some quantity of anti aspects of each other are in series transmigrated in them. After that they feel hatred to each other and become the enemies in life. If it is necessary to create opposite situation, positive aspects are transmigrated. If it is necessary that a Person A hates a Person B, and a Person B loves a Person A, anti aspects of B are transmigrated in A, and positive aspects of A are transmigrated in B.


Transmigration of the aspects is made on the level of Karmic (Causal or the Fifth) Body of a man.

However, given technique is applicable only for life - time correction of mutual and group Karma because the main Karmic task is put into causal informational matrix before incarnation.


Power of intensity of interpersonal situation is regulated by quantity of implanted aspects. Thus, changing quantity of mutual aspects the Higher Forces as if regulate a flame of a burner as by cooking in the earth kitchen.


Therefore, EACH person is himself only partially, bearing in himself the aspects of the other people. Striking example of this is a married couple, children and parents, relatives and so on. At this a mans individuality is lost in no way. Therefore, mutual exchange of aspects between people is as spices diving to a dish unique perfect taste.


The Initiates know how to govern over their aspects in the other people. They also know about the methods of optic mental correction of DNA structure and genetic code. They also know that to correct behavior strategy of the other person it is possible to integrate their aspect in him and through it to influence on this person. It is not a violation if to keep the Space Law.








April 10, 2001





Birth and death of one of the Universes take place every moment of the earth time. A man is all-sufficient spiritual unite of Space. However, this all-sufficiency is provided only by balanced state of all conductors (bodies) of a man. Frequently, under influence of outer factors, his system becomes unbalanced, energy contour is broken, and vital energy of such person goes in super space.


Certainly, it does not disappear: energy conservation law of a system is immutable. The problem is that in result of such exhaust, energy needed for a man in his world goes away for replenishment of his aspects that are in the other worlds, or the other hierarchic unities of the Universe. It looks like vampire feeding.


It is necessary to learn to hold a blow to resist and neutralize negative outer impacts on ones organism, i.e. permanently control closing of ones energy informational contour. For that it is necessary to master a method of conscious feeding of your hungry aspects. Otherwise, those aspects of your Monad that are, for example, in hungry dinosaur somewhere in star system of delta Dragon will elementary feed by your vital energy. How to avoid it?


First, through realization and acceptance of given phenomenon as a fact of Being; second, by preventive actions. It is necessary to master method of monadic contemplation. On this stage it will be enough for this to practice celestology.


Dominant of this method is contemplative non-intervention, cool abstraction and full unidentification of yourself with your aspects. In result of this energy flows freely through all your entity, spreading evenly along it, saturating with energy all its aspects.


World is confirmed by wisdom of the Creator!












Monad consists of 144000 main direct and 144000 reverse aspects. Each aspect is self-dependent and all-sufficient energy informational system. When an aspect achieves a definite level of evolutionary maturity, it is given an opportunity of aspect division, in result of which it excretes from itself some more 144 multiple quantity of aspects of different hierarchic level. Thus, this aspect becomes maternal in regard to excreted from it new born aspects.


Phenomenon of aspect division is additional opportunity, given by the Creator to Monad for acceleration of its evolution. Lets explain described above by the example.


If monad aspect has achieved divisible maturity in mineral realm of the planet Alpha, it gets a chance not only to pass on the higher hierarchic level of the given planet or the planet Beta, but, being divided, in time to govern over all mineral realm of the planet Alpha through its 144000 micro aspects. It is typical that given scheme of aspect division is not final.


Monad aspects that are in lower (in comparison with a point of assembling, for us three-dimensional world) worlds are called sub aspects; monad aspects that are in the worlds parallel (equivalent) to a point of assembling are called para aspects; that are in the worlds of ascendant row are called super aspects.


All monad aspects copy each other as a mirror, and at the moments of Quantum Leaps of Being are transposed from direct universe into reverse anti universe. The Higher Self controls all Monad aspects.


At achieving of definite level of Divine Man development a mans consciousness may govern over its aspects, as in his world as in the other worlds. By aspect governing (monad management) a person is able to conduct the lines of the Creator in the different corners of Space!


First, it is necessary to master is a practice of monad aspect contemplation.









November 9, 2001





Monad is quartic: it consists of two pairs of contradictions male, yan, positive and female, yin, negative. These contradicted energies are always in equilibrium. Such polarity provides energy provision of Monad evolution, and it means of all Universe. Except this, every contra part of Monad has also its twin safety net.


Usually a Monad twin either accompanied a person on each his incarnation directly or is at some distance from a person, but always within the field of his energy informational visibility. Its purpose is always one help a person and correction of his life according to a mission of his incarnation.


Monad twin may be the same sex with a person or another sex; it does not any matter. It should not be confused with astral (subtle) twin; it is absolutely different things.


Fundamental characteristic of Monad twin is they have the same Spirit, Higher Self or Monad. Often a twin and a person cannot realize and find each other. It leads to loss of priceless opportunities. But is a person recognizes and finds his twin, colossal evolutionary perspectives are opening to him.


Sometimes monad twin does not arrive immediately after birth of a person, but his (twin) transmigration into already familiar to a person body (for example, his friend) takes place. Sometimes, twin migrates from one person to another one, always to be next.


That is why it is necessary to scrutinize very keenly at each moment of your life, to catch and analyze all that seems to be a small item. This small item may be small only on the face of it. Unused opportunities are repeated very seldom!


Sensitiveness of Heart, Fire of Spirit and confidence to the God and ones own! And you necessarily will be found! Simply look narrowly at people surrounding You!













April 14 16, 2001


24 Old Men, described in chapter 4 of Revelation of John, the Theologian, are also the essence of 24 strands of DNA, 24 chakras, which will have to be opened and ignited before the end of the Seventh Race.          


Residents of the earth monad bearers are Monads, impregnated by Seven Great Primary Spirits, including Star Logos of Sirius. Finishing its evolutionary macro cycle Monad     has to collect all of its 144000 aspects. Opening of each chakra corresponds to mastering of corresponding strands of DNA. Each of 12 chakras of a man connects with 12000 aspects of Monad.


In the Bible it is described as 12 tribes of Israel (Revelation, chapter 7), and 12000 aspects are mentioned in chapter 7 of . Thus, opening of the first chakra 1 strand DNA allows governing over ones aspects in hypothetical one-dimensional world, opening of the second (strictly two) chakra  - 2 strands DNA allows governing in two-dimensional world, three charkas in three-dimensional world and so on. With opening of 6 strands of DNA a person will be able consciously govern over his aspects (it means a reality) in all lower and in equal to his point of manifestation worlds.


Opening of DNA strands and charkas from 8 to 10 means consciousness governing over ones monad aspects in the other star systems. Further opening will lead to governing over the aspects in the other Galaxies. (See also Super Chakras Structure of a Man).


As you have already known initially a man monad bearer was androgynous wholeness, integrating in himself all contrary aspects. In the Third Lemurian Race a division of sexes has happened. 24 strands DNA androgynous bisexual man had was divided into 2 per 12. Now only 2 strands are realized. This division took place on monad level, as an answer to the Fall or infection of the Earth planetary Logos by space virus.


According to the Space Laws a contact with the second part of ones Monad is allowed only in exclusive cases. If yin Monad aspect (female body) was incarnated, its yan aspect (male body) is in a Subtle World in non-incarnated state. Thanks to this golden equilibrium of Being is achieving, on the base of harmonic attraction between contra aspects. Allowed only partial insignificant implanting of ones aspects into the other monad bearer, for example, for a family making.


Thus, during hundreds of incarnations Monad through its aspects makes evolutionary experience. Androgen division disturbed a mans wholeness and plunged him in involution; however, it allowed accelerating Space evolution.


But the Universes development is organized according to the principle: It is time to disperse stones and time to collect stones. Advanced Monads now have a tendency to find and join all their aspects in all worlds. Gradual monadic connecting of contra parts of Androgen will start beginning from the Six Race. AND MERGING OF SEXES WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE SEVENTH RACE, AND A MAN WILL FIND HIS LOST WHOLENESS AGAIN!


Each monadic opposition will achieve an opening of all 12 strands of DNA and 12 chakras!


When each opposite (yin and yan parts) will achieve a level of the 12th opening, GREAT MYSTERY OF SPACE COMPLETION WILL TAKE PLACE: 12 strands charkas will merge together and organize perfect 24 strands DNA of the God Creator! This is one of the meanings of meeting of 24 Bible Old Men. Monad will have nothing to cognize in this Space, since all will be cognized in the given section of evolution. Integral Monad will pass the Pleromic Mirror and till the start of the next Manvantara will be dissolved in nirvana state of non Being. Mystery of Being of the Fourth Circle of Eternity will be finished in that way!














July 25, 2001


The Universe consists of three main substances: information (of intellect), matter energy and Time. In zero central point of the Galaxy there is triune Galaxy Logos Time Crystal, Space Pyramid (matter) and Central Rhomb of Information.


Triune Logos is a personification of Christian Saint Trinity and a source of all dimensional time contours of the Galaxy. It emanates from itself the energy of time and space that, by rhomb channel of the Galaxy Beam, in series passing through cascade of the Portals, are transmitted to the Sun.


Time (chronal) contours present in our Solar system are formed so-called solar time. Solar time - chronal energy of our Solar system is limited by solar circle. Inside this solar circle there are 343 dimensional chronal contours (hierarchic levels of intellect) 7 x 7 x 7.


In the course of its solar evolution Monad in series work-off all 343 levels, as the classes in the earth school.


343 solar being levels consist of seven main groups, some of them correspond to seven races of humanity. Except this, each earth race has seven sub races; each solar cycle (level) has seven sub cycles. Thus, each race and sub race correspond its contour and sub contour of solar time and space.


At present time all Solar system is in the process of passage in the next solar contour (level). It is a very complicated process.


In different dimensional chronal levels (i.e. in different worlds) time and space differ cardinally (mainly by frequency of vibrations and density). The finer is density of time the lesser affect it exerts on a substance of given continuum.


In certain sense time is light. Being decomposition of energy of time chronoses and chronoids will give finally super fine quantum of light chrono quantum. Threads of time are presented in the four and more dimensional worlds as light of different range of vibrations.













On the threshold of the Quantum Leap 144000 CHOSEN are passing through unique action aspects mobilization.


Aspects mobilization reminds military mobilization before a war. Its essence is a collection and attraction to the Earth all aspects from the parallel worlds (i.e. situated in the other three dimensional continuums), and also super aspects from the worlds of upward row.


It is necessary for providing of the Earth Quantum Leap and individual transform in divine man body. Immediately after finishing of the Great Space Transform the aspects will be diluted into new Space coordinates, enriched by priceless experience that will give the opportunity to accelerate the evolution.


Each of mobilizing aspects steps fourth as original bearer for a great number of foreign aspects. Now the Earth reminds a huge theatre, in which the representatives of all Space come together for enchanting sight. They are divided into two categories: direct participants, helping Leap (or vise versa prohibitive) and spectators without right to interfere in the situation. Thus, each aspect from mobilizing aspects takes upon itself a great number of aspects of the other entities from different corners of the Universe. These aspects are implanting in mental (more seldom in astral) bodies of 144000 selected of human race. There is also small additional group of people. Such aspects - bearing is connected with huge overloads for a man bearers nervous system. That is why indicated aspects are implanting only in the bodies of people studying special training and being able to bear super overloads.


The other method is an implantation in subtle substance bodies of the Earth. It is right only for collective entities and interplanetary space complexes. The problem is that in the near-earth subtle space there is not enough place and it has already filled. They will have to sit close. There are huge turns at the entrance portals super seldom phenomenon for Space.

 Some time ago Hierarchy of Light with help of its representatives on the Earth performed a unique operation for splicing of additional mental layer around the planet that solved the problem at given time.


Great moment of Leap approaches! Every person has to do what he can to help to the Brotherhood of Light. Just for this we are on the Earth. There and now.












It is already known that all aspects of the Higher Self or Monad are divided into huge, hierarchic structured quantity of sub aspects or infra-aspects, and super aspects either. Those part of Monad aspects that is in the lower Worlds than a point of manifestation of Monad is called sub aspects. A part of aspects that is in the Worlds that are equal by realizing of substance (i.e. its frequency of vibrations) in a Point of Manifestation (Assembling) is called parallel aspects. A group of aspects from the higher Worlds is called Super Aspects of Monad.


Sub aspects   may be in mineral, plant and animal realms in any point of our Universe; parallel aspects in a human three dimensional world in any point of the Universe; and super aspects in the four dimensional Being, and also in the higher spiritual vital systems in the planets, stars, constellations and so on. A part of sub aspects, aspects and super aspects of Monad is in the subtle bodies of the Earth, i.e. where now Point of Manifestation is realized. Scheme of aspects distribution, aspects interaction and aspects exchange is extremely complicated. Its main purpose is accumulation of evolutionary experience in different galaxy systems with the greatest effectiveness. Control over aspects is exercised by individualized Monad.


Except the aspects manifested in direct Universe there is similar group of anti aspects in reverse anti Universe. Between aspects and anti aspects there is definite interaction. Also there are so-called negative aspects. Monad should realized them and transform. Each group of negative aspects corresponds to one of a humans vice. Thus, for work-off of the aspects of enmity they may temporarily be implanted in any person whom you will inevitably meet. You are perplexed for what somebody sometimes hates you, although in reality part of yourself hates you!


At the critical moments of changing of Space Cycles a unique opportunity of Aspects Unity is showed. At this moment aspects are united for a moment and Monad for a moment feels its wholeness. This moment is equal to Eternity.


Now many from people on the Earth closely approach to the moment   of meeting with their Four dimensional aspects that are cultivating now by their Teachers. Point of Manifestation will be moved into Tetra-dimension, and those aspects that now are parallel will become sub aspects.


September 17, 2001


















































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